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Qualtrics Demos

Some demos of the work we've done for Making Surveys Awesome

Custom Questions

A non exhaustive list of question customizations.

  • Psychological Tests ( Stroop Test , Simon Test )
  • Recording response time ( Demo )
  • Limit number of attempts per question ( Demo )
  • Click tracking and auto heat-maps (Qualtrics allows max 10 clicks) ( Demo )
  • Sliders in Sync ( Demo )
  • Efficient drop-down for large number of entries ( Demo )

Survey Power Ups

Go beyond what your survey engine offers by default.

  • Customized downloadable PDF reports ( Demo )
  • ID check (restrict to one response per participant) ( Demo )
  • Answering in Fast Mode ( Demo )
  • Block level Progress Bar ( Demo )
  • Awesome ToolTips ( Demo )
  • Customized Request Response ( Demo )
  • SMS Updates ( Demo )
  • Alerts and Pop-Ups ( Demo )
Links to a few Resources for building awesome surveys on your own.

Services Offered

A whole host of services to meet your requirements.

Survey Programming

Bring your survey to us and we'll code it into the platform of your choice. Your research should determine your questions, not the platform.

Custom Programming

Complicated question or design? No problem. Whether you are looking for sliders to play nice with mobile phones or conditional pop-ups, if it's possible on screen, we'll code it for you.

API and Bots

Want to run your survey on WhatsApp or SMS? Looking to integrate responses with your CRM? Want to automatically update your results file as soon a response comes in? We've already done all that. What can we build for you?

Academic Experiments

Psych experiments, heat maps, click tracking, gaze monitoring. You can focus on building your experiment and we'll make sure it gets executed.

Questionnaire Development

Wrong questions will lead to wrong answers. With our vast experience of developing surveys and experiments, we can help you with your questionnaire, so that you get the answers you are looking for.

Shiny Dashboards and Plumbr

We can help you display your results as a Shiny Dashboard or expose them as a plumbr API. We primarily use R for our programming.

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